FE 25 Gas Extinguishing System

The FE25 gas extinguishing system, the most important feature of which is not harmful to the health of course, is also renowned for its ability to intervene in the fire for 10 seconds. No loss of life or property due to fast intervention and serial ability.
• A type of rubber, textile, plastic, cellulose, wood and coal fires,
• It can be used in fire of B type gasoline, diesel oil, fuel oil, mineral oil, varnish, paint, thinner, alcohol, paraffin, acetone, asphalt, glue,
• C type methane, hydrogen, acetylene, LPG, natural gas fires,
• E type is an effective extinguishing system in electrical fires.
In addition to these types, FE25 gas extinguishing systems are used in; generator, server, compensation, transformer, magnetic media, archive, microfire, suspended ceiling, cable gallery, GSM station, electricity distribution panel, natural gas distribution facility, warehouse, chemical production facility, cash register, ATM system, bank money transport vehicle , compressor, ventilation unit.