Fire Doors

Fire gates are used in schools, hospitals, shopping malls, industrial facilities, demonstration halls such as theater cinema, exhibition halls, convention centers, business centers and residences. Its fire resistance, smoke and flameproof feature provides fast and safe evacuation in case of fire etc. thanks to the panic bar system which allows continuous exit from the inside even if it is locked from the outside.

Gates are manufactured as single wing or double wing considering the number of users of the place where they are located. In double wing doors, it is necessary to use a strainer to close the doors in the correct order. In addition, there are different durability times according to the usage place. Fire doors have 60 and 120 minutes fire resistance.

Door Case :

The frame is specially shaped in presses of 1.5mm A1 quality DKP. The bases are manufactured as half as a standard and are manufactured in accordance with the customer's request in accordance with the second wall thickness. On the hinge connections are 2mm thick reinforced bend reinforcements. The hinges are produced by pressing with 3 mm sheet metal. The wick is placed on the safe as sound wicket and as a smoke wick. The wick is expanded by the effect of heat at the time of fire, closing the spaces between the wing and the case, preventing smoke and heat transfer.

Door Wing :

Fire door wings are produced from 1.2mm A1 quality DKP sheet. In order to keep the door of the door in the sash and to prevent deformation at the time of fire and to prevent the flame passing, 3mm tempered profiles are used. Special insulation materials suitable for the fire class of the door are used in the wing. Insulation materials are glued to the door wing using special adhesives resistant to 1500C temperature. The door is painted with epoxy polyester powder paint to provide both high visibility and high protection against external factors.

Fire Door Models :
Glass Fire Doors (CYK): Glass fire doors use fire resistant glass suitable for the fire class of the door. Standard glass sizes are 300x400mm and 400x600mm.
Stainless Fire Doors (PSC): Stainless fire doors are produced from quality stainless steel plates. It is used 2mm in the kas, 1.2mm in the wing. The hinges used in the stainless fire doors are manufactured from 3mm stainless steel sheeting. Provides an aesthetic appearance for prestigious spaces.
Decorative Fire Doors (DYK): Decorative fire doors are manufactured with door wings shaped in different forms of presta. Along with this, aesthetic alternatives are also presented by using stainless steel plates cut in various forms on cnc laser benches on the powder-coated fire door wing.

Fire Doors :
• UNI 9723 has CSI / CERT Certificate, CE Certificate.
• It can be produced as single or double wing resistant to fire for 60 and 120 minutes.
 60 minutes Blade thickness: 54 mm, Wing weight: 27 kg / m2
 120 minutes Blade thickness: 64 mm, Wing weight: 37,7 kg / m2
• Half case, epoxy coating Produced from high strength steel with a thickness of 1.5 mm.
• The door is equipped with a hot-wicked wick and a cold-wicked wick at the time of fire.
• The door wing is made of galvanized steel plate with a wall thickness of 0.8 mm. The door wing is designed to prevent opening with the lever from the outside.
• Insulation material is stone wool with density of 150-180 kg / m3. It provides heat and sound insulation.
• There are 2 hinges per wing. One of the hinges is spring-loaded to provide self-closing and the other is ball bearing.
• It is equipped with standard lock, cylindrical key and fire resistant black colored door arm.Panic bar is added in escape doors.
• The door can be fire-certified, fire resistant one to two hours glass.