Fire Stop Products

Fire Stopper Tile Panel Painting : Composition of positive features of ablative and intumescent materials is water based "hybrid" tile panel paint.It expands in the event of fire,creating a reliable barrier against smoke, flame and heat dissipation.It can be applied with brush or pressurized, airless spraying machines.
Fire Stop Mastic : It is a fire stopping mastic consisting of acrylic, silicon and graphite based fire resistant mastic to provide solutions for various details.It is a product that provides fire isolation for joints with low, medium and high movement capacity together with various electrical and mechanical penetrations.
Fire Stopper Mortar : Cement based fire stopper mortar. Applied around the mechanical and electrical installations passing through walls and floors, it provides fire insulation for 120 minutes.
The fire-stopping mortar is usually a gypsum or cementitious powder mixed with inorganic lightweight fillers, composite reinforced and chemical formers.The compounds were designed to be mixed with water and placed in a rigid seal around and between the penetrating services.
Fire Stopper Joint : Acrylic based and single component fire stop joint paint. It forms a flexible seal after dryness and is resistant to moisture. It has the capacity to move at high level.
Fire Stop Cushion : It is a graphite based fire stop cushion that provides quick and easy to apply, dust free application.Previously applied pillows can be reused as long as they are not exposed to heat.
Fire Stopper Pipe Clamps : It is designed to protect the fire resistance integrity of penetrations of various plastics pipes through floors or walls.The fire cuff can serve up to the life of the building after applying the relevant point.But various earthquakes and so on ,the clamp must be fixed to the wall or floor at certain points in quantities that vary according to the diameter measurements, so that the service life can be sustained.
Fire Stopper Pipe Wraps : It is an intentional structure and when it is exposed to fire it expands to 30-50 times of the existing volume and has the ability to completely close the gap that will be revealed by melting of the flammable pipe. The fire-stop coil should be completely buried in the wall or floor after it has been applied around the pipe being applied.Then, in order to complete the fire insulation around the pipe, fire resistant mastic should be applied around the pipe.