Hood Extinguishing Systems

In areas such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, military organizations, etc. where very intensive work is carried out at all hours of the day, it is very difficult to extinguish oily food steam in the event of possible fire of oil layers that accumulate in the hood and freeze. The Öz Yıldız automatic fire extinguishing system gives the possibility of quick and effective intervention in such fires with special chemical composition extinguishing fluid.

At the beginning of the fire, the steel wire line with the detection elements that can be melted at certain temperature levels is loosened by the sensing elements when tensioned under normal conditions and activates the discharge unit to which it is connected. The system, which is automatically activated, also empties the liquid of low pH on the hood, chimney and kitchen equipment by using the manual discharge system.

Both methods ensure that gas and electricity going to the appliances are cut automatically and the extinguishing system is switched on.

The special chemical compound liquid discharged from the Abstract Star system controls the fire.