NOVEC 1230 Gas Extinguishing Systems

Systems are one of the widely accepted "Clean Agent" systems. Environment friendly fire extinguishing system. It can be used safely in human environments. The NOVEC 1230 Gas Extinguishing System extinguishes the physical extinguishing process by absorbing heat.
Basic Features of the NOVEC 1230 System :
 • Not conductive
 • Colorless and odorless
 • Not corrosive
 • Does not create thermal shock
 • Physically perform extinguishing
 • Does not leave waste after discharge, does not require cleaning
 • Used safely in human spaces
 • Simple filling
 • Small footprint
 • Does not damage ozone
 • Global warming coefficient 1
 • Low storage pressure
 • Discharge time is 10 seconds
 • Simple and on-site installation
Usage areas :
 • Computing and UPS Chambers
 • Electricity Distribution Centers
 • Valuable Material Deposits
 • Telecommunication Centers
 • Turbine Cabinets
 • Archives and Museums
 • Flammable and Flammable Material Storage
 • Off-shore applications
 • Civil and military marine applications
 • Railway Systems and Public Transport Vehicles