1. It keeps customer satisfaction in the foreground continuously.It updates the service format by following the developing technology to develop rational service solutions to reduce the cost.

2. It provides the best possible training of the staff to serve you in the direction of selected solutions and methods.

3. After the elimination of the problems,it ensures the healthy development and continuity of the system by establishing the periodical inspection processes.

4. Öz Yıldız Yangın offers the highest quality technical operation, maintenance and repair services that you can provide with all facilities and buildings, minimum cost.

5. With the "24 Hour Emergency Call Service and Traveling Squadrons" of Öz Yıldız, experienced, talented and expert technical staff, you can provide the technical operations, planned maintenance, emergency response and repair services you need at your own cost with the appropriate cost. to the highest level.

Our Service Standards

1. Maintenance is based on standards.

2. Maintenance and inspection are based on standard maintenance times.

3. With planned maintenance management, costs are reduced.

4. Regular statistics and technical problems are identified beforehand and solutions are provided.

 5. In the direction of technological developments, our technical staff are subjected to continuous training.