We are designing fire protection systems planned to be established in plants according to criterion that standards define, generating VDS approved hydraulic calculation.



Based on national and international standards we are providing consultancy services about determining the institutions’ risk groups, based on determined risk groups designing appropriate system, building fire scenarios and precautions can be taken against fire.



In case of just selling fire protection systems equipments, we give supervisorship services to our customers for mounting can be completed according to standards and in service. 



Comprises the operations of delivery of systems’ in operating state, whose mounting is completed, having tested based on criterion determined according to related standards.



Comprises the operations of all the fire protection systems of plants whose risk group is determined according to national and international standards, being turn-key mounted by professional team.


Comprises the maintenance operations of fire protection systems which have been established in plants, to be able to work for many years unproblematic and efficiently, based on customers’ demands on the condition not being shorter than time that standards determine.


Comprises supply of fire protection system equipments for our customers, by making representativeness of world’s pioneering producing companies. We can deliver product to our customers in a short time with high stock volume.