Smoke And Fire Curtains

The fire and smoke curtains allow the heat generated during or after the fire to be kept in the ceiling of the smoke and to be easily evacuated in case of emergency and to prevent the spread of fire. as well as the safety of the rescue or extinguishing team. The smoke generated during the fire plays a major role in releasing it without spreading through the existing roof ventilation flaps.
Fire Curtains are produced from fiber material with silicon sides on both sides and steel wires inside. Curtains are used to prevent the fire from passing from one area to another. Thanks to its special fabric, it keeps the heat up to 1100ºC for 180 minutes for easy movement and easy combat. The curtains that can be integrated into the existing fire detection system start working automatically in the event of danger. Fire and smoke curtains can be actuated by the signal from the fire detection system, as well as being activated manually.
Usage areas :
 • Airport Terminals,
 • Shopping malls,
 • Trade Centers,
 • Production Facilities,
 • High Construction,
 • Metrology,
 • Wide or Long corridors