Smoke Evacuation System

Smoke Evacuation Caps : They are used for the atmospheric removal of the smoke generated at the time of fire. Thanks to the smoke evacuation covers, the building is separated by smoke curtains and zones. Smoke hatches are opened to provide fire escape and heat gain and smoke detection, the important thing here is to open the hatches in the same fire zone, so that smoke is only allowed to exit from one direction. In other words, the smoke flaps and smoke curtains work together. The opening of the lids can be achieved with carbon dioxide explosive pneumatic cylinders or electrically.
Smoke And Fire Dampers : At a certain temperature, it prevents the smoke from spreading to a certain part or part of the building. It automatically isolates the fire area in ventilation systems. The smoke and fire dampers are combined with fire alarm panels, smoke throwing fans, smoke dampers, fire horns, addressable and unaddressed fire detectors smoke sensors, addressed and unaddressed warning buttons and other fire detection units they managed.
Jet Fans : They have vital preventive measures during the tunnel fire.
Jet-fans, which are an indispensable smoke evacuation system especially for tunnel fires, are available in different capacities and are selected according to the engineering to be done by our company.