Tayfun System

It is the most widely used and preferred system in firefighting system advanced detectors and halon Naf S3 fire extinguisher applications which is an advanced automatic fire extinguishing system. System: runs automatically at the temperature of the environment. Depending on the use, it can be operated with detectors such as smoke, flame. The cost is much lower than other automatic fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems because there is no need for any installation or electrical connection.

Properties of Naf S3, used as an extinguisher.

- No smokeless.
- Human does not harm your health.
- No electrical conductivity.
- Don't screw it up.
- Turn the fire off for 10 seconds.
- After the extinction process, the used area does not leave waste. It spreads evenly over the area of use.
  It can be kept in liquid form in the tube for a long time.